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Home Seller Inspections

Sellers of homes can benefit by having their home inspected by a Licensed Professional Engineer home inspector prior to placing their home on the real estate market. A home inspection by a competent home inspector provides the home seller with useful information regarding the condition of their home and provides the home seller with an opportunity to make repairs and improvements that will help the sale go smoothly and maximize their selling price. InspectAmerica’s house inspection engineers can advise you where to invest your capital to obtain the biggest pay back for your investment.

Home Owner Inspections

Home owners can benefit by having their home inspected by a Licensed Professional Engineer. A house inspection can provide a home inspection report that defines a program of needed maintenance and repairs.

Structural Repairs

A Licensed Professional Engineer can provide you with a repair protocol for structural problems.

Structural Investigations

A Licensed Professional Engineer who specializes in home inspection services can investigate problems and target solutions to problems.

Design Services

A Licensed Professional Engineer can provide design services for additions and other structural renovations.

Real Estate Relocation Services

InspectAmerica Engineering, P.C. provides home inspection services for real estate relocation companies. Home inspections are provided prior to accepting a transferee’s home into inventory, as well as conducting a home inspection for the transferees new home at the destination location.

Expert Court Testimony

InspectAmerica Engineering, P.C. can provide expert court testimony for worthy cases.

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