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Our home inspection library has several aisles.

Walk on down our public service aisle and take a complimentary copy of our free home inspection checklist off the shelf to use when you preview homes; home owners can use this checklist as a method to review their own house.

Review our technical aisle and find information on home inspection topics important to home buyers and home owners such as carbon monoxide, lead paint, asbestos, plumbing, structure, etc.

Walk to our reference aisle to find our review of web resources related to home inspectors, home inspections, and home care tips for home owners; browse through our  real estate glossary for terms important to home buyers and persons seeking a mortgage.

Need a rest, need something light, pull up a comfortable chair in our lounge and read our FAQ’s.

Technical Aisle

Click on your topic, and the librarian will take the book off the shelf for you.

Complete List Of Inspection TechTalk Topics

Termites (Donīt Host A Termite Party)

Amps And Volts (Electric Information)

Unsafe Stairway (Watch Your Step)

Faucets (Please Drive On the Right Side Of The Road)

Reference Aisle

Our reference librarian can point you directly to your area of interest.

Real Estate Glossary For Home Buyers

Web Resources For Home Buyers

Home Care Tips For Home Owners

Home Inspection Encyclopedia 100īs Of Explanations

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Public Service Aisle

Having a home inspection checklist to take along with you when you preview houses is very useful.

As a public service gesture, InspectAmerica has checklists that you can download for free.


Need a rest, take five and read something light about home inspectors and home inspections. FAQ’s About Home Inspections.

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Pickup a Newspaper and read about today’s home inspection news.

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