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We pride ourselves on our education, experience, and expertise as competent home inspection engineers. We pride ourselves on associating ourselves with similarly qualified home inspectors, home inspection companies, and engineers who provide closely related services.

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Our web site is among the most popular home inspection web sites on the Internet and we would be pleased to offer qualified home inspection engineers, and those who provide closely related services, the opportunity to register for inclusion on our national list of engineers. We are also developing an international list of qualified inspection engineers, please contact us.

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Please E-Mail us a brief resume, including your State license/registration number, or mail a resume to InspectAmerica Engineering, P.C., 3 School Street, White Plains, NY 10606.

Credentials, Credentials, Credentials

Please understand that we reserve the right to include only those persons and companies that we choose and only Licensed Professional Engineers and Registered Architects who specialize in home inspections, or closely related work, can be considered for inclusion.

Welcome - Recent Additions

Welcome to Mr. Gregory J. Bertaux, P.E., Vero Beach, FL

Welcome to Mr. Drew M. Di Sessa, P.E. Hacketstown, NJ

Welcome to Vasco Vic B. Valdez, P.E., Oak Harbor, WA

Welcome to Mr. Avigdor Porat, C.E., Tel-Aviv, Israel

Welcome To Victor A. Popp, P.E., Hingham, MA

Welcome To Ken Pfaff, P.E., Spokane, WA

Welcome To Justin Hall, P.E., Little Rock, AR

Welcome To Michael B. Couch, P.E., San Antonio, TX

Welcome To Mark J. Smith, P.E., Nashvile, TN

Welcome To Richard B. Lukoff, P.E., Cherry Hill, NJ

Welcome To Douglas E. Hord, P.E., Lees Summit, MO

Welcome To Joseph Chaiban, P.E., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Welcome To J. Barton Weeks, P.E., Birmingham, AL

Welcome To Mark D. Tyrol, P.E., Boston, MA

Welcome To Paul Sherman, P.E., Damariscotta, ME

Welcome To Robert N. Roop, P.E., Stockton, NJ

Welcome To John Short, P.E., King George, VA

Welcome To Terry Dobie, P.E., Mendota Heights, MN

Welcome To Lewis Gerbitz, P.E., Joplin, MO

Welcome To Paul M. Pivawer, P.E., Valley Stream, NY

Welcome To Suzzane M. Kupelian, P.E., Grand Junction, TX

Welcome To Davis Dotson, P.E., Dallas, TX

Welcome To Sean Corcoran, P.E., New Bern, NC

Welcome To Frank S. Staron, R.A., Brooklyn, NY

Welcome To Michael B. Leban, P.E., Marietta, GA

Welcome To Ben N. Cox, P.E., Marietta, GA

Welcome To Mike Khoury, P.E., Berkeley, CA

Welcome To Pete J. Montalbano, P.E.,  Vicksburg, MS

Welcome To Vincente Villa, P.E., Miami, FL

Welcome  To John T. Fechner, P.E., Spokane, WA

Welcome To Jonathan A. Cooper, P.E., Dallas, TX

Welcome To Peter G. Engle, P.E., Rumson, NJ

Welcome To Edward J. Vargas, P.E., Los Angeles, CA

Welcome To Donald V. Freedman, P.E., Grand Island, NY

Welcome To George A. Finn, III, P.E., Hinsdale, MA

Welcome To Paul J. Hessel, P.E., Northport, NY

Welcome To James A. Durham, P.E., Decatur, AL

Welcome To Anthony C. Szabo, P.E., Paramus, NJ

Welcome To Robert J. Burns, P.E., Portsmouth, NH

Welcome To Richard J. Bencivenga, R.A. Brick, NJ

Welcome To Pat Farrell, P.E.  Houston, TX

Welcome To Paul T. Cable, R.A.  Lexington, KY

Welcome To Nicholas Boerger, P.E.  Rapid City, SD

Welcome To George Drew, P.E.  Los Gatos, CA

Welcome To Terry L. Dixon, P.E.  Wilson, NY

Welcome To Donald M. Robinson, P.E.  Houston, TX

Welcome To Frank J. Rotunda, P.E.  Ridgefield, NJ

Welcome To Arthur Mandell, P.E.  Seabrook, TX

Welcome To Richard T. Williams, P.E.  Mansfield, TX

Welcome To Larry D. Cepek, P.E.  Sedona, AZ

Welcome To John D. Mooney, P.E.  Colorado Springs, CO

Welcome To Harry W. Yeager, P.E., Charleston, SC

Welcome To E&D Home Inspections, Inc., Jacksonville, NJ

Welcome To Anthony Kondysar, P.E., Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Welcome To Ronald R. Meyers, P.E., South Orange, N J

Welcome To Heather N. Brown, P.E., Vienna, VA

Welcome To Peter W. McDonough, P.E., Layton, UT

Welcome To Kenneth S. Peoples, P.E. Allentown, PA

Welcome To William Majeski, P.E., Lake In The Hills, IL

Welcome To Don R. Carter, P.E., Belton, MO

Welcome To Turzak Group, Inc., New Port Richey, FL

Welcome To Conrad C. Nuthmann, P.E. Lunenburg, MA

Welcome To Randall J. Passmann, P.E. Castleton, NY

Welcome To Rick Anderson, P.E., Wendell, NC

Welcome To B. Thomas Sporney, P.E., Indianapolis, IN

Welcome To George Cline, P.E., Rochester, NY

Welcome To Leiper-Mullan Assoc., Hartford, CT

Welcome To Criterium-Haglid Engrs, Wilmington, DE

Welcome To Criterium-Turner Engrs, Manchester, NH

Welcome To Criterium-Scofidio Engrs, Buffalo, NY

Welcome To Criterium-McCarthy Engrs, Utica, NY

Welcome To Home Insp Cons Lehigh Vly, Allentown, PA

Welcome To Criterium-Bustamante Engrs, N. Phil, PA

Welcome To Criterium-Angilly Engrs, Providence, RI

Welcome To Criterium-Fowler Engrs, Mobile, AL

Welcome To Criterium-Chipman Engrs, Charlotte, NC

Welcome To Criterium-McClancy Engrs, Raleigh, NC

Welcome To Criterium-Stanton Engrs, Charlotte, NC

Welcome To Criterium-Elliott Engrs, Greensboro, NC

Welcome To Home Insp Cons Carolina, Myrtle Beach, SC

Welcome To Criterium-Moring Engrs, Roanoke, VA

Welcome To Criterium-Johnson/Van Marter, South Bend, IN

Welcome To Criterium-Hough Engrs, Cinncinati, OH

Welcome To Criterium-Withem Liszkay, Columbus, OH

Welcome To Criterium-Stein Engrs, Baton Rouge, LA

Welcome To Criterium-Willis Engrs, Dallas, TX

Welcome To Criterium-Epcon Engrs, El Paso, TX

Welcome To Criterium-Lasater Engrs, Houston, TX

Welcome To Criterium-Flynn Engrs, San Antonio, TX

Welcome To Criterium-Alaska Engrs, Anchorage, AK

Welcome To Criterium-Day Engrs, Boise, ID

Welcome To Criterium-Schembri Engrs, Phoenix, AZ

Welcome To Criterium-Johanson Engrs, Denver, CO

Welcome To Criterium-Bernhisel Engrs, Salt Lake City, UT

Welcome To Criterium-Maglionico Engrs, Sacramento, CA

Welcome To Criterium-Decker Engrs, Santa Clara, CA

Welcome To Criterium-Gironda Engrs, Huntington Bch, CA

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 home inspectors and home inspection companies on this list prior to retaining their services.

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