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Home Inspector Training Program

InspectAmerica Engineering, P.C. offers a home inspection  training program for persons interested in entering the home inspection business, as well as for home inspectors who are interested in improving their home inspection service skills and receiving feedback on their home inspection techniques.

Our home inspector school is also available for persons with a casual or related interest, such as real estate agents, appraisers, mortgage lenders, real estate attorneys, etc., who are interested in learning more about the home inspection business. Our home inspector program can help make you more knowledgeable and proficient in your own business. Our program is also available to home owners who want to know more about the ins and outs of their home.

Our home inspection training program is a unique One-On-One interactive program customized to suit the student's skills and background in order to maximize the time spent in the program. Training is primarily on-site with classroom lectures scheduled to cover certain topics. Students attend our program in blocks of a week, no less than two weeks, as a bare minimum, are recommended for those persons with intermediate skills who have experience in the home inspection business and are considering becoming more active in the business (much longer term programs are required for persons with preliminary skills). Students are encouraged to attend our program on a recurring basis to polish their home inspection skills.

Our home inspector training program highlights home inspection techniques, home inspection tools, sources of reference information for home inspectors, home inspection report compilation, computer technology for home inspectors, home inspection marketing aids, home inspection customer and public relations, home inspection legal issues, and other topics important to home inspectors, etc.

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