Home Inspector Finds Defective Hardboard Siding
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Exterior Hardboard Siding

Exterior Hardboard Siding

Hardboard exterior clapboard siding is a product fabricated from wood fibers, wax, and resins. This siding can deteriorate, and in some cases, also cause damage to interior portions of a home (or building). Deterioration can include rotting, buckling, softening, blistering and/or swelling of the surfaces.

Hereīs an example of what can happen to hardboard siding. During a home inspection this surface has advanced deterioration in areas.

home inspection of siding
home inspection of siding

A closer look is even more revealing; the siding falls apart when touched.

The siding on a home is similar to the skin on a human body; the siding protects everything that’s inside; therefore, itīs important to make a good choice in siding materials. Siding fabricated from aluminum or vinyl will last a long time with modest maintenance. Wooden siding will also last a long time if it is properly maintained. Masonry materials are a good choice in facades but are more costly than other types of siding.

Be sure that your home inspection engineer carefully checks the siding; some hardboard siding looks like wood from a distance.

For information on the Masonite® Hardboard Siding Class Action Litigation, visit this site.

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