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A Garden Is Neat, But There Are Better Places Than Your Roof

Be careful of chimney defects. The function of a chimney is to provide a method to harmlessly discharge the products of combustion from a heating system, water heater, fireplace, or wood burning stove. The products of combustion include toxic carbon monoxide. Therefore, it is important tha your home inspector be sure that the chimney flue, and flue passages, are kept clean and free of debris and obstructions. A garden is neat, but there are better places than your roof.

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chimney top inspection

During the home inspection when the home inspector climbed up on the roof to take a look at the top of the chimney revealed a very hazardous situation; vines growing on the chimney have essentially sealed the top of the chimney. As a result, toxic carbon monoxide will be discharged into the house when the heating system operates, or when the fireplace is in use. A prompt haircut is in order.

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