HVAC Home Inspection Checklist


System Type     Steam   Warm Air   Hot Water   Hydroaire   Heat Pump   Electric

System Fuel      Oil       Natural Gas       Propane Gas       Electric

System Condition       Good       Fair       Poor         Aged

Number Of Sytems/Zones        1     2     3     4     5     6     Other

Oil Tank      Buried       Above Ground       Condition    Good       Fair       Poor 

Piping/Duct Condition      Good       Fair       Poor       Leaks

Insulation On Pipes/Ducts       Yes       No       Asbestos

Heating Source     Radiators       Heating Baseboards       Heating Registers

Heating Source Condition        Good       Fair       Poor        Leaks

Fireplaces      Masonry     Prefabricated        Condition     Good       Fair       Poor



System Type       Central        Window/Wall Units        PTAC

System Condition     Good      Fair      Poor      Cooling     Adequate      Inadequate

Number Of Sytems/Zones        1     2     3     4     5     6     Other

Duct Condition       Good       Fair       Poor       Asbestos



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