Attic-Basement Home Inspection Checklist


Type     Walk-up     Pull-down Stairway     Access Via Hatch     Room For Storage    

Insulation     Adequate        Inadequate        Type

Ventilation      Adequate        Inadequate

Evidence Of Water Intrusion      No      Yes      Location

Roof Structure      Conventional        Trusses        Other

Roof Structure      Good       Fair       Poor        Defective Rafters

Kitchen Storage Space            Adequate           Inadequate



Type   Full     Partial     Crawl     Finished     Unfinished     Storage Space

Foundation Walls  Poured Concrete    Concrete Block    Stone    Brick    Other

Foundation Wall Condition         Good       Fair       Poor        Cracks       Bulges

Basement Structure        Good       Fair       Poor       Damage

Water Intrusion     Dry       Standing Water       Damp       Musty Odor

Water/Moisture Control      Dehumidifier       Sump Pump       Perimeter Drainage



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