Free Home Inspection Checklists
  • These home buyer preliminary home inspection checklists help you to document each home on your list, you see so many homes it's difficult to remember all of the details.
  • We have made it easy for you to print these checklists which cover the structural, exterior, interior, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems. Print these home inspection checklists and take them with you when you go house hunting in order to keep track of important details. These home inspection checklists will help you evaluate the homes on your short list. Look for the printer friendly icon on each page.
  • These home inspection checklists are not a substitute for a home inspection conducted by a Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) but can also be used to bring areas of concern to the attention of your home inspection engineer.
  • Get started by printing this cover page; look for the printer friendly icon at the bottom of the page.



Asking Price $                            Taxes $                            Common Charges $

School District                                                      Lot Size

Year Built                  House Style                                    Square Feet

# Bedrooms                                        # Bathrooms


Home Occupied             Home Vacant              Short Sale              Foreclosure

Agent’s Name                                                Agent’s Co.

Agent’s Tel. #                                             Agent’s Cell #

Agent’s E-mail






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