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Sagging Roof Rafters

Inspection Rafter Left Side
Inspection Rafter Right Side

These photos were taken in an attic during a home inspection; view these photos in conjunction with the video located below. The supporting roof rafters* were found to be undersized and therefore the roof rafters were sagging. As a result, the entire roof was sagging.

In order to correct this structural defect, the roofing shingles and the plywood roof deck* were removed. New roof rafters equal in size to the original roof rafters were installed alongside the original roof rafters and the new roof rafters were secured to the original roof rafters.

The right side view shows an original roof rafter protruding under the new roof rafter as a result of the sag in the original roof rafter. The left side view shows the gap that exists between the original roof rafter and the plywood roof deck.

* Roofing shingles are installed on a roof deck (which is also the attic ceiling) and is typically plywood, the roof rafters support the roof deck. Roof rafters must be adequately sized to prevent the rafters from sagging or breaking.

Inspection Rafter Right Side

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